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How do I create a Survey?

Creating your first survey

Where do I find the "Link" to give to my participants

Distribution of Web Surveys

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Reference Guide
       How do I get started in WebSurveyCreator
       WSC Reference Manual
       WSC Scripting Manual
       WSC CATI Manual
       Video Tutorials
       WSC Content Tags
       Data Piping Reference
Visual Designer
       What Standard Question Types does Web Survey Creator have?
       What Market Research Survey Question Types does Web Survey Creator have?
       How to use the Web Survey Visual Designer
       Using Text Questions in Web Surveys
       Using Choice Questions in Web Surveys
       Using Images in Web Surveys
       Using Matrix Questions in Web Surveys
       Using Number and Date Questions in Web Surveys
       Using Ranking Questions in Web Surveys
       Using Survey Content in Web Surveys
       Using Demographic Questions in Web Surveys
       Formatting Question Text - Content Tag List
       Where can I find a list of all available templates?
       How do I add a Drop Down List to a Text Grid
       Text Questions and Text Lists
       Custom Fonts and Custom Themes
       How do I put Links into Questions?
       How do I Change the Survey Banner Title and Logo?
       How do I Create a Copy of an Existing Survey?
       How do I Upload a Custom Survey Banner Image?
Flow Control
       How does Survey Flow Control and Branching work?
       How do I Collaborate on Web Surveys
       Piping Question Data within a Web Survey
       How can I use Star Rating Question in Page Flow?
       How do I Hide and Show Questions Using Page Flow?
       Choice Linking Numeric Grid Rows
       Survey Flows based on Distribution
       Survey Flows based on Respondent Tags
       Distribution of Anonymous Web Surveys
       Distribution of Web Surveys to Respondents
       Restricting Survey Responses and Respondents through Quotas
       Integrating with Market Research Panels
       How do I set a thank you message or redirect to a URL
       Creating a Survey to Survey Daisy Chain Using the Event API
       Managing Contacts for Web Surveys
       How to Pre-Generate Come Back Later Codes For Your Anonymous Survey
       How do I View Email Delivery Statistics for my Survey?
       How do I use Custom Come Back Later Codes for an Anonymous Survey?
       How do Priority Quotas Work?
       How do I Integrate WCS with WSC?
       What Happens when a Respondent Declines a Survey?
       Automatically Send Emails on Survey Submission with the Event API
       How do I send Reminder Emails to Respondents?
       Extracting Web Survey Data to Excel
       Export Anonymous Responses To Import Into Another Anonymous Survey
       Scheduling Reports & Using FTP Upload
       How do I Convert Draft Responses to Completed Responses?
       Question Overview Chart Labels and Display Types
       Upload Completed Reports to an AWS S3 Bucket
       Creating Portal Data Sets
       De-identifying Response and Respondent Data
Advanced Features
       Using Termination Pages in Web Surveys
       Choice Linking between Survey Questions
       Choice Linking and Generate Choice Links
       Customising Themes
       Web Survey Choice Images and Randomisation
       Managing Contacts for Web Surveys
       Creating Surveys using YouTube or Vimeo
       Attaching additional data to Choice and Row Items
       Creating Hierarchical Question in Web Surveys
       Creating Consistent Order Randomisation
       Mapping Geolocation With Latitude & Longitude
       Creating a Numeric Grid with an Other Specify Text Field
       Pipe Video Recorder Integration
       Survey Mid-way Redirect with Conjointly
       Creating Single Select Group Titles as Buttons
       Creating Text Grid Dropdowns with Other Specify Fields
       Text/Choice Recode Generation
       WSC Scripting Manual
       Accessing Questions from other pages in wscScripting
       Javascript Toolkit Code Snippets
My Account
       Changing your Product Version in WebSurveyCreator
       Changing your Account Details in WebSurveyCreator